Month: September 2015

Kyle Seager vs. Jared Weaver

Kyle Seager vs. Jared Weaver

How weird is Major League Baseball? You can watch all 162 games of the regular season, and you will never see anything twice. The game is unpredictable. Scouts are turning to percentages to evaluate players because of this.

Along with the unpredictability, there are enough unwritten rules to fill hundreds of pages in a  book. Never bunt when your team is ahead by a substantial amount. Nor should you steal a base if that is the case. Always hustle both on the base paths, and on and off the field. These rules become extremely obscure depending on the situation.

In the fifth inning of Sept. 16. game between the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Kyle Seager and Jared Weaver got into a bit of a spat. Seager was going through his normal routine when stepping in the box. Weaver than took exception to the time Seager was taking. Weaver said something towards Seager, which in turn upset Seager. The center field camera caught Kyle’s reaction. The Mariner third basemen sent expletives directed towards the pitchers mound. The Umpire called time, to try and settle the two players.

Weaver was not entirely done with the situation. Weaver fired an 83 mph fastball into Seager’s armpit. The umpire reacted by ejecting Jared Weaver from the ball game. All because the Angel pitcher did not like how Kyle Seager stepped into the batters box.

Seager responded during the post game chat with the media, “He quit on his team, and I didn’t quit on mine.” ¬†Weaver’s comment was ” I don’t even know who that kid is.” Seager has hit 20 or more home runs in his first four full seasons with the Mariners. Kyle was a gold glover and an All-Star in 2014. The Mariners and Angels are division rivals. It would be safe to say that Jared Weaver has heard of Kyle Seager before.

It could be that the veteran Weaver felt disrespected by the way Seager was preparing for the pitch. Even so, Weaver did not act like the more mature veteran in this situation. Both teams are experiencing disappointing 2015 campaigns. Weaver may have shown his frustration, but it still doesn’t make sense as to why he did it the way he did.

On Sunday Sept. 27, Weaver is schedule to pitch against the Mariners in Anaheim. It’s safe to say that I will be tuned into the M’s to see how the first altercation between Seager and Weaver since the incident plays out.


Oh No, Robinson Cano.

Robinson Cano has one of the sweetest left handed swings in all of baseball. That swing was broken in the first half of 2015. Cano hits for a career average of .307. The Seattle Mariners were predicted to do great things in 2015. The slumping second basemen did not contribute enough to accomplish those great things.

Robinson Cano received many allegations trying to answer why he wasn’t contributing to his team. Baseball is as mental as it is physical. Cano left spring training to mourn the loss of his grandfather with his family. Cano’s grandfather was a man who helped raise the future star. Speculation caused reporters to link the loss of Cano’s grandfather to his struggles with the stick. Cano’s loss was devastating, but I don’t believe it was affecting him in the batters box.

Robbie also dealt with a stomach ailment that caused him to change his diet. Cano loved to eat various red meats and seafood. After becoming sick, he removed those items from his plate. This gave him trouble at home plate… Not really. Prince Fielder dealt with the same type of accusations when he went vegetarian. Both men lost strength at first, but have rebounded since to hit to their capabilities.

Robinson Cano suffered a broken toe last November during an exhibition series in Japan. Cano is routinely praised for how hard he works to maintain his superstar status. Cano was forced to the sideline for a month. Four weeks away from baseball activity may not seem terribly long, but it was enough to take the second basemen out of his rhythm. Cano’s bat speed was slow, and his defensive range was limited during the early months of the season. Both can be associated to the month spent on the couch, rather than in the batting cage.

Since the five day all-star break in July, Cano tore the cover off the ball. His average rose from the dead, and showed much more life. Analyst did not associate the broken toe with the struggles Robbie dealt with. I found it strange that the toe of Cano was hardly mentioned. Repairs have been made to Robbie’s sweet swing and he’s back to his old ways. The Mariners missed opportunity in 2015. Cano and friends will look for redemption in 2016.

Christian Bond

Christian Bond

Simply put, I’m going to be involved with sports for the rest of my life. It could happen as a journalist. Maybe I’ll be a sports broadcaster. I wouldn’t mind if someone paid me to be a coach. The only thing I know for certain is that I won’t be happy unless I’m involved in some way with sports.