Month: December 2015

Proper Christmas Lights

December is finally here. As a student, it is a month I look forward too. The semester works its way to its end, and I get to take a break from my responsibilities for a couple of weeks. Part of the fun that surrounds the holiday season, is seeing all the decorations covering people’s houses. Some decorations are easier on the eyes than others.

The most popular outdoor holiday decorations seen throughout neighborhoods is lights. The lights draw attention to to a persons house. That being said, attention should be paid to how the lights are strung. If the finished product looks like it took 10 minutes to put up, the overall appearance leaves something to be desired.

In my humble opinion, there are only three colors that need to be displayed. Red, white and the occasional green are the colors most fitting for the season. Together these colors present a clean, crisp look. The assorted lights give an unorganized look.

My preference in holiday light’s are few colors in logical locations. A diagonal strip across your garage door may have been a cool concept. In reality it could look cluttered and unorganized. However beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy all holiday lights, no matter what we they look like. From me yo you, Happy Holidays.