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Pretty Neat Confines in Pittsburg

Pretty Neat Confines in Pittsburg

The Mariners played a short two game series against the Pittsburg Pirates. Inter-league play provides fans the opportunities to watch their team play teams they don’t normally see. It also allows fans to see different ballparks on TV. PNC Park in Pittsburg is the most beautiful baseball stadium in America.

The dimensions of the infield are standard across all baseball stadiums.  The paths to home plate from each dugout create a unique look. The logo behind home place is simple, but affective. The natural grass surface is classic.

No outfield is the same across baseball.  Down the left field line is 325 feet from home plate. The short six feet tall wall creates the opportunity for home run robbing catches to be made. The wall grows to 10 feet in left center field. The power alley  is 389 feet from the plate, and at its deepest point, left center is 410 feet away from the plate. The bullpens are hidden in that power alley.

Dead center field is 399 feet from home. Just beyond the center field wall, the team name Pirates is spelled out in shrubbery. It’s tough to see in the picture above, but it looks great on TV.

Down the right field line is 320 feet from home plate. The right field wall is 21 feet high in honor of Roberto Clemente who wore number 21. A league wide scoreboard is located on that wall. The Wall drops down in right center field, and is 375 feet from home.

The outside of the ballpark is as beautiful as the inside. The Allegheny River sits behind the right field wall, and is a landing spot for several home runs a year. Roberto Clemente bridge can be seen from the plate. The city skyline lies in the background.

If I had my way, I would have been in Pittsburg for the final game of the short two game series between the M’s and the Bucs. Inter-league play provides a chance to see teams and ballparks that fans don’t normally see. PNC Park is the first ballpark I would like to visit.