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Brew Crew Bandwagon

Brew Crew Bandwagon

I think I need something new in my life.

I’ve watched my favorite team, the Seattle Mariners, lose eight consecutive baseball games at home. They’re slipping out of contention of a wild card berth. We all know that’s as good as it’s going to get for them. I love baseball too much to give up on it in the heart of the season. Something new, could be a new team.

Can’t be the same devision.

Probably shouldn’t be in the same league.

I got it.

The Milwaukee Brewers!

They normally aren’t worth watching, but this year is different. The Brew Crew are leading the National League Central, and are nine games over .500. Their underdog history helps the Brewers become easy to like.

The majority of the Brewers roster are players you’ve never heard of. Oliver Drake, Carlos Torres, and Jimmy Nelson are as generic of names as MLB The Show gets. Their stars are the same stars they had in 2014. Ryan Braun, kind of a steroid douche, and Matt Garza, definite facial hair douche.

The like-ability factor starts to take place when you dig deeper into the Brewers roster. Eric Thames made headlines early in the season for crushing baseballs. The slugger was returning from a stint in the Korean Baseball Organization. Thames made massive improvements overseas. Back in the bigs, he’s doubled his career high home run total with 23.

He got off to a hot start. He gains were accused of being aided by steroids. The league drug tested him five times in a span of eight weeks. He wasn’t worried about it though.

“If people keep thinking I’m on stuff, I’ll be here every day,” Thames said. “I have a lot of blood and urine.”

Thames made the most of the awkward situation by using humor.

There is more humor throughout the Brewers roster. Travis Shaw is another generic name in need of a nickname. He has one, and it’s way better than you thought. Shaw goes by the Mayor of Ding Dong City.


Yes! You bet. Absolutely he does.

Shaw has hit a career-high in homers this season, with 18 and counting.

Those two, and winning have sold me to the Brewers. There is a bonus within the Brewers Organization. It’s Eric Sogard. The second basemen that looks like squints from The Sandlot is on the 40-man roster. Everyones favorite nerd is a Brewer.

Until the Mariners get it figured out, I’m taking my interests towards the midwest. Eric Thames, Travis “The Mayor of Ding Dog City” Shaw, and Eric Sogard make the Brewers fun. Moving forward, I’ll embrace the beer and cheer them on every step of the way.